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Sep 2017: Kaaboo, Music and Art Festival with Distinction Gallery, Del Mar, CA. Running from 15 to17

                   Coaster show , La Luz de Jesus, Los Angeles, sept 1 to Oct 2

July 2017: Group show "Cash and Carry", opening July 1st at Flower Pepper Gallery, Pasadena

May 2017: Group show " Being a Panda" opening May 6th at Flower Pepper Gallery, Pasadena

 Dec 2016: Auction to benefit the Wild life Conservation Society curated by Alexi Era Gallery( dec 16)

 Jan 2016: LA Art Show with Distinction gallery.( 28th to 31th)

 Dec 2015: Solo exhibition " Free Soul"( Dec 12 to January 2 ), Distinction Gallery

 Nov 2015: Group show " Return to the Wild"(Nov  6th to 22th ),August Clown Gallery, Melbourne,Australia

                    Print on wood show at Distinction Gallery, Escondido, CA. Running Nov 14th to Dec 5th

 Sept 2015: Kaboo, giant music and art festival in Del Mar, CA. Running from 18th to 20th

 Nov 2014: Dinstinction Gallery,CA, Escondido, featured artist.

 June 2014; FIMA( Festival International Montreal en arts) on St Catherine street in the "village"

  May 2014: International design fair of Montreal with Artxterra, Bonaventure place

 April 2014: Exhibition at Centre Culturel Brancusi , Montreal.Gold medal in illustration category

  July/August 2013: Gallery Maison Dupont in Mont St Hilaire." L'Art en vacances" July 5 to August 25

  June 2013:FIMA( festival international montréal en arts) on St Catherine east in " the Village"

  June  2013: Art walk on Victoria street, westmount QC

   May 2013: Collective exhibition at Galerie du Plateau, Montreal.

   March 2013: Collective exhibition at Maison Dupont, Contemporary Art Gallery, Mont St Hilaire QC.

   September 2012 : Art Westmount  29 -30 Lodge room in Victoria Hall.

   July  2011 : Solo exhibition at « la Maison des Quais ». (Vendée)

   June  2011 : Contemporary Art Fair, “Place St Sulpice” , Paris 6

   February 2011 : Contemporary Art Fair MIN of Nantes

   June  2010 : Affordable Art Fair, « La Bellevilloise », Paris 20

   April  2010 : Contemporary Art Fair “ La Bastille”,  Paris 11

   June  2009 : Contemporary Art Fair, Conflans Saint Honorine (Paris region)

   September 2009 : Solo exhibition, Châteaubriant ( Brittany region)

   October  2008 : Art Fair Puteaux (Paris region)

   December 2007 : Solo exhibition on a house boat «La  Marie Jeanne » in Suresnes

   December 2006 : Art Gallery « L’Illusion vue d’ailleurs », Paris 15

   November  2005 : Art Suresnes (Paris region).Price of the City .

" How puzzling all these changes are! I'm never sure what I'm going to be, from one minute to another! However, I've got back to my right size: the next thing is, to get into that beautiful garden...."

Lewis Carroll " Alice's adventures in Wonderland"






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